Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Epic Summer

Today was the 33rd day of my summer vacation. To be sure that I am doing all the right things to relax and recharge for September, I decided to make a list. And then I made a second list.

What I have done so far this summer:
1. Gone to the beach 4 times.
2. Backpacked on the Appalachian trail in Maine for 5 days.
3. Attended the STEM institute and participated in a 3-day workshop called Green Design Lab Curriculum with SolarOne.
4. Completed a weeklong creative writing seminar called Deconstructing Voice with Ayana Mathis at the Cullman Center Institute for Teachers.
5. Wrote approximately 3 short stories.
6. Participated in a week long workshop with Facing History called Race and Membership in United States History.
7. Attended a private tour of the Jacob Lawrence Migration Series exhibit and reception at MoMA.
8. Drank wine.
9. Ate cheese.
10. Watched the first season of Homeland.
11. Read approximately 7 short stories.
12. Donated 2 bags of clothes to GoodWill.
13. Went to my first open house to look at an apartment for sale.
14. Ran into 1 student on the sidewalk and nodded my head in recognition.
15. Rode my bike
16. Ate an entire lobster.
17. Went to a rooftop BBQ.
18. Went to happy hour.
19. Spent quality time with my boyfriend.
20. Ate grilled corn.

What I would still like to do this summer:
1. Go to the beach at least 4 more times.
2. Go backpacking again.
3. Read more books.
4. Write more stories.
5. Go to the movies.
6. Drink more wine.
7. Eat more cheese.
8. Donate more of my belongings to GoodWill.
9. Practice my Spanish.
10. Go to more museums.
11. Watch season 2 of Homeland.
12. Think about all the workshops I've done this summer and decide what classes to teach in the Fall.
13. Begin designing class curriculum to teach in the Fall.
14. Get a massage.
15. Watch an outdoor movie in the park.
16. Eat more grilled corn.

Am I forgetting anything?